If you are considering entering the United Arab Emirates market, the first step that you should undertake is to register your trademarks. But how to do it? In this guide, you will be led through the process of trademark registration in the UAE step-by-step. Read more if you are interested.

Step-by-step trademark registration in the UAE

Here is the outline of the trademark registration process in the UAE:

  1. Search for your UAE trademark – check whether it is free.
  2. Submit the application and send the application fee.
  3. Wait for the evaluation of your application.
  4. Pay for the publication of your application.
  5. Wait for your application to be published.
  6. Pay for your UAE trademark registration.
  7. Your trademark is registered!

What are the requirements for the UAE trademark registration?

In order to register your trademark in the United Arab Emirates, your company does not have to fulfil any requirements. However, you need to prepare and present several documents and graphics:

  • Trademark logo,
  • Copy of the trade license,
  • Power of attorney (if applicable),
  • Priority document,
  • Copy of your passport.

What are the alternatives?

If you do not wish to go through the whole process on your own, there are options that might help you. Several companies offer assistance in the UAE trademark registration. They will aid you both in trademark search and in the whole application process. Many of these business focus solely on trademarks or even purely on the United Arab Emirates, so you can be sure that their employees will be experienced enough to navigate you through the whole process.

The takeaway

If you wish to register your trademark in the UAE, you need to undergo a deep evaluation process and pay several fees. You can do it yourself or use the service of a professional company – depending on how capable you feel in this area.

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